Branding of a Personal Concierge Service

Let’s get real honest for a minute. How many times have you purchased a logo, a website, a landing page, or some other collateral project - and it seems to be dragging out FOREVER?! In the business game time is money. And neither variable waits for no one. This was definitely the case with our client, Elaine, founder of Infinite Time.

Elaine started out with one service, dog walking/pet care. In a short period of time her service based business went from just dog walking/pet care, to housekeeping, hair and make-up, and other various services. The brand had grown but the image and the message of the brand was not able to catch up. Why is that? Because the classic tale of brand development, the original brand developer was taking weeks to create the image and messaging. In fact, the client never even received the final deliverables. Isn’t that irritating?

How many times have you hired someone, it’s taken weeks, and you finally just walk away in pure frustration because you feel like it’s never going to end?! And I’m going to smack some icing on this problem, it was a friend of a friend. DOUBLE BURN!!!

You can relate, right?

Truth is - WE ALL CAN!

[Insert superhero music here] Here comes Launch in 2 Days to save the day! (Okay, I may just be a tad a little dramatic here)

Honestly though, this is why we at Launch in 2 Days truly love what we do.

We met with Elaine for her strategy session over the phone and during our 1-hour identified various variables that weren’t working for her - the original brand name (30 hours, 7 days), was not serving the client, prospect, or customer. Not catchy, no idea how to convert that as a solution to the prospect/customer in 3.5 seconds. Elaine’s business is based in downtown Miami. She needed a brand identity that fitted geotarget’s vibe. The other problem was what exactly was her business? And how do you get paid for delivering various, very different services? We identified that her business was in fact a personal life management/concierge business. And that to encompass that various services the customer was purchasing blocks of time.

Elaine went from being extremely overwhelmed, maxed out on time, and confused how to charge her clients - to - having a concise, impactful, brand and message with a clear call to action.

We are excited to introduce to you the branding and launch of Infinite Time.


Are you ready to get off the standard, long, drawn out brand building hamster wheel? AND, did we mention that Elaine didn’t lose any time operating her business while we worked on her site? Yes, you don’t have to be at the Launch in 2 Days workshop to launch your brand. We work with you virtually too! So what are you waiting for?

Born to do this,

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