Check out the new dish I just cooked up for this Personal Chef.

I just had one of the most amazing branding strategy sessions that I have ever had! So, a personal chef comes to me because she wants a new logo, new website, she wants to find her niche, you know, find her thing.

So, I'm like okay, cool tell me about yourself, what do you love to do?..

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She explains to me that she is a personal chef and can cook at people’s houses. She does everything a personal chef provides: catering events, private cooking lessons, pretty much all the same stuff I’ve heard a whole bunch of personal chefs tell me when they come to ask me for a brand.

She has all the love every personal chef out there has - she puts her love and energy into the food that she serves her clients - just like every single personal chef!

Well what makes her unique? Makes her memorable, that one thing that is going to make her highly attractive and get paid a whole bunch of money to do it?

As we continued to dig deeper about her unique factor we discover that she has an amazing gift of pairing powerful healing foods for people who are sick, especially cancer. How did she come into such a unique gift? Like many of us, life provides trials and tribulations. The client’s sister succumbed to cancer. The client was grieving and decided to channel that grief by researching healing foods. The experience of her loss was so impactful that she is now channeling her passion for living longer, living healthier and living fuller lives even while battling cancer, during cancer or even after cancer through healthy foods.

By the end of the session the client realized she isn’t just a personal chef. She is a personal chef with purpose! What she does is give meals that heal, gives life through food, and that’s a calling, that’s a brand. That is what she was born to do!

So, all of you personal chefs out there it's gonna be very important for you to find your shtick, find your thing, find your calling, find your unique selling proposition, find the thing that you were born to do.

Why am I stressing for you to find that unique variable? Because branding is not a logo, or a website, it isn’t a cool business card. Branding is your life’s calling personified. Branding is finding something wrong happening in the world and you were called to make it right!

We all have that in our businesses, we all have that story, that past experience that we had mixed with those gifts and those talents, that we feel like you know we're just not going to be satisfied going to a “9 to 5 job” or doing any other niche, but that's where we're gonna get our energy and I'm not saying it's gonna be an easy road. I'm not saying that the minute that you turn that website on that brand is going to flow billions of dollars into your bank account.

What I'm saying is that once you do that you're gonna feel meaning and purpose behind your brand, you're gonna want to get out there and teach more, be more, and do more. Watch how God blesses you because you're in your calling, you're doing the thing that you were born to do, the thing he created you to do.

Are you ready to create an amazing brand? Do you need help discovering your brand, discovering what you were born to do? Visit, and schedule a call with me because I’m called to call out the call that’s what I do, say that ten times, alright? LOL

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