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I received a call one evening, from a good friend Susy, who was having a great time at a family barbecue and was accompanied by her boyfriend Albert. She excitedly explained to me about Albert’s amazing and one of a kind hot sauce, that needed to be sold. She said every single person who tasted this sauce would always tell Albert that it needed to be sold everywhere. In order for this to happen, Albert needed a brand. Albert was already a chef, and a successful one at that, but he was finally ready to go big on this once special product that everyone knew he had perfected.

Albert was unfortunately extremely hesitant and scared to launch his hot sauce. Just the mere thought of knowing how much work it would take to brand it and get everything sorted out, on top of his regular responsibilities with his partnerships with restaurants and private events, was going to be more than he could handle.

There was so space for him to work on making a brand for this hot sauce. Like for most people, time, was not Albert’s friend.

Albert was very well aware that creating this brand for his hot sauce was going to be a huge commitment, but very quickly did he also realize, that there was something else he needed. People were going to want to know the MAN behind the hot sauce, who he was and so, he needed a personal brand. This required even more time and commitment from Albert, possibly more than he had to offer by himself.

As a chef, Albert always strived for perfection and this would certainly be the case in having his hot sauce known to the world. He was not going to accept a face for his hot sauce, or for his personal branding, that was anything less than perfect. He wanted to be sure that his clients would see and receive the best of everything he could ever offer.

But even more than that, Albert didn’t just want a pretty face and have it stop there. He wanted a perfect and phenomenal brand for himself, so that his clients would have the chance to see exactly who he was and understand the passion he had for being a chef, and the work he put into his hot sauce. He wanted that connection between himself and everyone who would be experiencing what he created.

Working towards “PERFECTION”, has a way of preventing a launch to occur, a lot of the time. Sometimes, we are so focused on getting every single thing perfect, the result is that we actually lose sight of having it all being cohesive and clear for our clients. We use the excuse of not having everything “ready”, and decide to put everything off until we feel we have achieved “perfection.”

But luckily, Launch in 2 Days came in and guided Albert, every single step of the way.

When we finally got to meet and work with Albert, we heard out all of his great ideas and worked together to write out how to make them a reality.

We always work diligently to assure that our client knows fully what he and his company were born to do and why. We make this known, simply so that their gift isn’t left unused or wasted.

Thankfully, we were and are always able to brainstorm together with our clients. After years of experiencing with all different kinds of client types, we know how to focus in on each individual client and work off on emphasizing their strengths, as well as work on bettering any weaker areas, for a well rounded package.


Firstly, we meet with Albert and sat down with him, to have the most crucial part of the beginning process, The Brand Strategy Session. This Session is where we are completely invested in asking, prying and getting to the very core of the entrepreneur, to figure out and reveal what they were born to do. Afterwards, we assembled a team that worked together, a team that fulfilled the client’s specific, unique and personal needs. And lastly, we were all ready and set to schedule the Launch in 2 Days.

Albert was using the best guide, that perfectly shepherded that guaranteed for him to be successful, that started with creating a complete plan for his brand, because there is no worse or less effective thing to do, than jumping into the market without knowing what your target of reach is.

Albert was able to stand up and take action on deciding enough was enough.

We, at Launch in 2 Days, were able to assist and make it possible for him to launch his brand, that would without a doubt, separate him from all other chefs in the marketplace.

Now, clients don’t only know the amazing sauce and pique of chef Albert, but they also know a little bit about the amazing chef himself. He now has the chance to continue working as a chef in private events, but also works under his own brand, sharing the fantastic hot sauce, so that everyone can have the chance enjoy it on their food and incorporate it within their recipes. Restaurants have the ability to buy this amazing hot sauce and show it off, giving the credits to the creator of the original flavor, Chef Albert.

Thankfully, Albert will never have to experience the alternative, which would have been him still getting praised only at all of his and Susy’s family/friend barbecues, never venturing out to show the world what his born to do talent and passion was all about.

Albert doesn’t have to worry about waiting around any longer, he didn’t need to sacrifice any time from the limited amount that he had to begin with, and he also got the chance to show anyone who wanted to take a look, at who he is as a chef and about his unforgettable product.

We are beyond proud to introduce to you, the branding of El Pique Rican.





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Born To Do,

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